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  • Crossovers allowed in amateur classes within the same division.

  • Judging strictly follows SNBF criteria, with live judging during pre-judging (except for tie-breakers, overall winners, and special awards).

  • Mandatory SNBF turn-by-turn format with house music during pre-judging and finals.



  • Wear a two-piece swimsuit with heels.

  • Ensure at least 50% glute coverage; avoid boy shorts, thongs, or G-strings.


  • Aim for a toned, well-rounded, proportioned physique with a focus on lower body muscle development.

  • Seek symmetry in hips, glutes, hamstrings, and quads, with muscle fullness.

  • Judging considers overall toned physique, muscle fullness, shape, posing, poise, confidence, and stage presence.

  • Excessive muscularity, striations, and vascularity will result in deductions.

  • Other factors affecting appearance include suit fit, hair, makeup, tan, and complexion.

Judges will judge competitors on the following key points:

  • Proportion physique

  • Symmetrical lower body

  • Overall toned physique with muscle fullness

  • Stage presentation


(A) FRONT -  One leg forward with knee bent and relaxed quad

(B) SIDE - Front leg straight with back knee bent and on toes

(C) BACK Arch back with feet shoulder width apart standing straight


These poses allow judges to compare competitors side by side, with judging conducted in group comparisons and individually.

All SNBF events are family oriented and G-string and / or thong type swimsuits are not allowed - 50% rear coverage is required! If any of these rules are broken, you will be automatically disqualified.

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