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SNBF Transformation Division is a self-empowering class that is judged on healthy physical transformation in your physique using before and after photos and a 50-word maximum written bio describing your fitness challenges during your journey including the following:

  1. Weight loss amount

  2. Motivation to change

  3. Who do you want to thank?


The top five Transformation competitors will be awarded at the competition and one male, and one female will be awarded a grand prize.


Competitors will wear the following on stage that allows progress to be seen. All clothing must be in good taste with no G-strings or thongs allowed.  


  1. Women will wear a two-piece swimsuit – no G-strings or thongs

  2. Men will wear swimsuit trunks  


Competitors are not allowed to crossover to compete in any other bodybuilding division in the same event.


The use of performance-enhancing substances is not permitted. All competitors must take and pass a drug test prior to competition. Competitors may not complete if they’ve had any weight loss surgery (such as gastric bypass, gastric band, bariatric etc.) or skin removal surgery within a year of the competition date. 

SNBF Membership required.



Competitors will submit two sets of photos: one set to display their starting physique and one to display their final physique with arms should be at sides (front/side/back). Photos should be taken against a plain background. Copyrighted photos will not be accepted unless a signed release of use to the SNBF is provided.


For the initial starting photos and the final photos, the competitor must have a newspaper included in photo 1 or some other time stamp approved by promoter (full body posed from the front) showing the date when taken. With each set of photos, report the weight and size (approved by promoter).


Initial starting photos: Three photos should be taken to display your starting physique. They must have been taken less than 1 year (364 days or less) prior to the competition. Photo 1 – full body picture posed from the front. Photo 2 – full body posed from the side. Photo 3 – full body posed from the back.


Final photos:  Three photos should be taken to display your final physique. These must be taken and emailed 2 weeks before the date of the competition (or earlier by promoter’s discretion). Photo 1 – full body picture posed from the front. Photo 2 – full body posed from the side. Photo 3 – full body posed from the back.

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